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Beocenter 9000

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Duncan Jones
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Melbourne, Australia
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Duncan Jones posted on Fri, May 18 2012 3:20 AM

How should I re-attach the glass panels to their foam supports....?? Both panels have come completely off the main unit.

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There are many opinions (see archive) on this.The easiest solution is simply to glue the plastic supports to the glass using a gel type glue.I prefer to clean away all the old glue residue,and apply new double sided tape fixative.This ensures that the glass "sits" cleanly when reassembled.Many available tapes are too thick,so the glass is raised,and the touch operation may become intermittant.

I've been using tape designed to secure mirror glass to plastic frames.

It's a messy time consuming job,but the results are rewarding.I've seen some horror repairs,with the glass poorly secured using carpet tape!!!



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