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Beogram 5000 distorting / skipping on new 180g records

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murcieme posted on Sun, Nov 2 2014 10:33 PM

Good evening Beopeople,

For the last year or so, I've been having problems with my Beogram 5000 and new 180g records.  I'm using an SMMC 4 (which is getting up there in hours, by the way).

Many new records play fine, but I'm finding more and more of our newer records (mostly, if not exclusively 180g) distort or skip / jump.  It's becoming unbearable.

I swapped out my MMC 4 last year as it was sounding pretty ragged, and I've been meaning to ship it off to Axel for a rebuild, but haven't gotten around to it yet as the SMMC 4 had been serving us well.

The catch is that older records play fine, but the newer heavier vinyl is a crap shoot.  I'm hesitant to think it's the SMMC 4.   I read another forum post saying to replace the drive belt, but that was for a tangential Beogram, and the 5000 is radial.  Might this still be a solution for me?  If so, how much is it to order one from Dillen?

Any other insights on what my problem / solution may be?

I've been thinking about a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon . . .  :(



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Cooker replied on Fri, Nov 14 2014 1:48 PM

Have you set the anti skating? I'm pretty sure underneath the Beogram there is an adjustment for skating.

Check service manual and it explains how to set.

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Has the tone arm been calibrated recently?  The 1.4g you're dialing in could easily net out to be closer to 1.0g - too light (tho some records might play ok at a light tracking force).

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