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can Beosystem 3 bv 4-50 adjust beostand form bv 7-55?

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Luuc posted on Sun, Oct 26 2014 10:29 AM

Hello, i have an idea to place a beovision 4-50 on a stand of a beovision 7-55. Can i adjust the stand through my beosystem 3? How can i do this or what do i need to make this work?

I know i have to make a plate to fix the bv 4 to the stand. Or does anybody know of an existing plate to fix them together?

And does anybody know if i can place an IR eye with light measure sensor for the beovision 4-50.

My bv 4-50 is the one with the flat list. So i don't have the light sensor on top. Is there an external one which i can hook up to my beosystem 3?

beosystem 3   type 9600

beovision 4-50  type9041

beostand      type 1465513

beocentre 2  type ??


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The Beosystem 3 would need the module added the the stand cable plugs into.  Then the software would have to be updated to the Beovision 7 version in the BS3.  These would be your first challenges. The last version of the BV4 had an eye on top of the frame that included light control.  You could add that.  It was the same unit used in the BV9. 

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