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Beocenter 7000 / RCA inputs on the back

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enamilak posted on Tue, Oct 21 2014 8:38 PM

Hi everyone,

I have already posted a message in French (, and I have been advised that I should ask my questions in English too.

I just bought a Beocenter 7000, and I have on the back what seems to be an AUX input via RCA. I have read on a thread that I should be able to use it by selecting PHONO but without putting any vinyle on the turntable. The thing is that if I am already on PHONO I do not hear anything from the RCA input, and if I am using the TUNER/RADIO, I just can't select PHONO, and it stays on the RADIO... what's wrong?

I thought that it might have a wrong connection somewhere, and I would like to open the Beocenter and see how it looks like inside... but I can't figure out in which order I have to unscrew everything, and I would like to avoid messing up with the all thing, and make that by B&O 7000 stays alive :)

2 questions then:
— Is there someone who could tell me more about this RCA wires, are they really AUX input? and how could I use them? They are not mentionned in the user manual.
— Could someone explain how to open a Beocenter 7000? I have a services manual too, but it's not written in there.

Thank you for your help!


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