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beogram cd50

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glen fowles
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glen fowles posted on Mon, Oct 20 2014 6:07 PM

Hi guys,i have a beogram cd50 that as decided not to work as it should.

When first switching it on at the mains the cd drawer decides to eject all on its own,it as a cd terminal remote control so it can be used with any amp, although i have it plugged into a beomaster 4400 at this present time.

If i put a disc in i have to push the tray in by hand as it will not take any commands from the remote,then on pressing play on the front of the cd player itself or again on the remote nothing happens,it will not take any commands from the remote at all and i cant eject the cd back out by pressing the front of the drawer,but if i turn the power off and back on again it ejects the cd,could this be a mechanical fault or electrical.

I have renewed the belt on it in the past after martin supplied me with a new belt.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks guys,glen.

Anybody ?

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Steffen replied on Mon, Oct 27 2014 11:47 AM

Hi Glen

There are quite a few threads about the CD 50 here on Beoworld. Try searching for "cd 50". Here is a link to one of the threads:

Hope this will help you.

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