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BS5 not turning on

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WDPE posted on Tue, Oct 7 2014 5:50 PM

I am using the following set-up:

Beosound 5:

ZONE A: Beolab 6000 (directly connected to the Beomaster 5)

ZONE B: Pentas connected to MCL-ML converter connected to BM5

Lately, it happens that, when I turn on the BS5 in zone A with the remote control, the speakers are turned on (the LED on the speakers changes to green), but the BS5 does not turn on. Pressing the button on the remote again, will turn on the BS5, after which it functions correctly.  Since the BS controls the speakers, it is not possible this is caused by the BS not receiving the signal from the remote.

Putting the BS on stand-by and retrying does not help; the only way I found to fix this, is by unplugging the power cord of the BM, waiting a while and putting it back. However, the last couple of weeks, this has happened 3 times. Not very handy...

Anyone else who had this experience? Any known (permanent) solutions?


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