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Beosound 3200 and Avant 55

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quader posted on Sat, Sep 20 2014 11:41 AM

Hiya Guys

I had my Beosound connected to the BV7 mk3 previously and I could listen through the Beolab 8000 speakers with the speaker4 option but since the avant has been installed i have lost the use of this function and have been told that I need a cable costing £600 to link it to the avant and the speakers

Has anybody got this setup or could advise

I am currently utilising the Link function on my beo4 remote and listening music on BL3500 speaker

which is not the same

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated




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Hi quader,

you need a NL/ML converter to connect both systems.

Usually this is installed by a B&O technician - unless you are skilled in how MasterLink and NetworkLink works.

Please see:

and/or do a search on the forum for 'NL/ML Converter'.

Feel free to return with specific questions.


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Hi quader,

you'll need an NL/ML converter because the new Avant (and all actual Beovisions) doesn't have Masterlink anymore. The converter has not only to be connected between Avant and BS 3200, but also to a router.


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Hiort replied on Sat, Sep 20 2014 3:40 PM

You can have a view of whats required in this thread:

In your case the Beocenter 2 can be changed to BS3200 and the BV11 with BVAvant.






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The £600 isn't a cable - its an ML/NL converter as described below...
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