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Beomaster 5000 problems!

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Roberto5000 posted on Thu, Aug 14 2014 7:23 PM

Hi guys,

Recently and luckily acquired a Beomaster 5000, and the Beocord 5000 (which can wait) and I can't seem to get them to do much.

The Beomaster turns on as I can hear some relays clicking, but nothing really happens. When I first turned it on a '3.6' came up and then just a dot '.' It has definitely had a repair to the ribbon cable to the front panel, and now the front panel does not close. 

If anyone has any ideas on what common faults could be please let me know I would be very grateful as at the moment I can't seem to be able to get on to the 'Archive Forums' on this site.

Regards Rob.

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