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Amazon instant video or Sky Go and Avant 55

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GKO posted on Tue, Jul 29 2014 3:19 PM

I've got an Avant 55 TV-set and have Apple TV installed -  now I am wondering, if I  can install or use additional apps on the TV such as Sky go or Amazon instant video, which would be great.

Question 1: Can I download apps and install them on the TV?

Question 2: Do the above apps (sky go or amazon instant video) work with airplay or is there any chance to make them use airplay?

Can anyone advice?

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Firstly congratulations on your new purchase.

You are not able to download the apps to the TV, only apps available from the supplier (B&O) are available on the in built smart engine.

Certain Apps via Airplay from an iPad will work auch as iPlayer, but why bother it's available from in built app?Sky Go is encrypted by Sky. Even if it would work the resolution would be very low and unwatchable on such a big screen.

I experimented Sky Go installed on a Mac mini that was connected to a BeoVision 11 40 and it wasn't worth watching.

If you have Sky Go you must already be a Sky subscriber so use a dedicated Sky tuner for this to work properly and enjoy it to its full potential.


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Amazon instant video works fine with ipad via airplay to appletv on B&O TV. I'm using it all the time.



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