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What's BeoPlay

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Ruben Dario
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Ruben Dario posted on Thu, May 3 2012 5:19 PM

Dear All:


I have been away for awhile, finishing grad school and moving to a new city in the US and so forth.  In the mean time, I upgraded my BV 7 40 to 7-55 with lots of issues.  Currently, I am waiting to have the BluRay player replaced.  It does not allow me to advance or rewind while a movie is playing; also, if you stop the movie, you cannot press 'go' and return to viewing.  

Needless to say, I have not been keeping up with what's new with B&O.  Today, I received a message about a new BeoPlay TV.  I am not crazy about how it looks but I am keeping in mind that photos may not do justice to its design. 

Is BeoPlay a new division of B&O?  Is the quality as good as old B&O? Are the products made in China with 'cheapo' parts?  To save money and cost, is B&O rebranding someone elses' products?

I have not thought about buying a new product from B&O.  The last set of speakers I bought, BL 4 for the iMac need repair.  One of them is making a hissing sound. 

I would appreciate any information from the community.  I still would like to add the BeoLab 5 in not too distant future.  Are they still worth it?

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Beoplay is new division, or branch of B and O. The first product from Beoplay was the Beolit 12. the tv you mention and an iPad dock were announced yesterday. the products from Beoplay are designed to be stand alone whereas regular B and O products are designed to be integrated. Beoplay products are also intend to be less expensive.

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BeoPlay is a sub-brand; and we all hope it will provide B&O two things: 1/ a steady revenue stream to fund the whole company and 2/ access to a demographic that was turned off by the perceived elitism go the high end

BeoPlay has certainly lowered the entry point to B&O and it will drive speaker sales 

It is also quite innovative solutions 


The materials are not necessarily el cheap & nasty - but certainly different

And so far China would appear to be the source of manufacture - but the new TV may be from a different geo


The BL4 hissing may be caused by the power link cable -- has it always hissed ? are the speakers connected through separate ports ? do the cables look identical or could you have mixed Marks ?


Add the BL5, although there are rumours of a new high end speaker that is either between the BL5 and BL10, or above the BL5

Since you have been away from the B&O scene for a little, take a look at their latest speaker - BL11 - not as a competitor the BL5 but just to see the styling

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