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Smart TV

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villarsch posted on Thu, Jun 19 2014 4:33 PM

Please accept my apologises if this topic has already been covered but I do not recall if it has. My BV7-40 Mk 6 with blu-ray (see Flash your B&O page 7) needs to be converted to a "Smart" tv.  Apparently it requires an Apple TV which can be attached to the back of the BV7, but it seems that there are more that one type of Apple TV.  For example, when checking on Amazon (UK), one model is suitable for the USA which another is ok in Hong Kong.  As I am in the UK these particular models do not seem the right ones. Furthermore, there could even be be a newer model due to be released later this year.

Can anyone please shed some light on the best way forward, e.g. which is the appropriate Apple TV, what cables are required, can one use the BEO 4 remote etc.? I am definitely not technically minded (very strong confirmatory statement from SWIMBO) but my computer has quite a good Fritz Box router, if this information is of any use. 

Many thanks in advance




































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Paul W
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Answered (Not Verified) Paul W replied on Thu, Jun 19 2014 4:56 PM
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Hi there Villarsch!

Welcome! There is only one type of Apple TV at the moment and that's the MK3. Or plainly called Apple TV. I think the only difference will be the voltage say 240v in the UK, 110v in the USA etc.

Why not buy from an Apple store or and you know that you are buying the correct one!!!!!! PLUS, yesterday Apple dropped the price to £79!

Yes there are rumours that a new one will be launched in October maybe with 4K support etc and a few other goodies maybe Apps etc who knows. Luckily for £79, it's quite safe to buy now and even change later if you require!

I have Apple TV and love it - I don't use anything else! Movies, HD downloads of my surfing vids, vimeo, Red Bull Extreme Sports tv in HD and all of my music. Just incredible! Best thing that I ever bought apart from my MacBook :)

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Luke replied on Thu, Jun 19 2014 5:10 PM

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Hi Villarsch,

please don't forget that, if you want to control it with the Beo4, you will need the right PUC-code. With the BV7 you will need a B&O technician for updating the list of PUC's in the tv.

You connect the ATV simply with an HDMI cable to the BV7 - for the controlling vith the Beo4 you will need a (PUC) cable from the tv to the AppleTV box as well.

In most cases the Apple-box can connect to your network via WLAN, but - if possible - it is best to use a normal network-cable from the router to the box.


There is a tv - and there is a BV.

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Many thanks for all your useful advice.  I shall be contacting my local B&O dealer (always very helpful) and hope to have a "Smart" TV very soon.

Thanks again,




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