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On Bo's workbench

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BO posted on Mon, May 12 2014 8:52 AM

Beolit 600:

When I got it the speaker was locked, due to dislocated magnet. Dial-cord was missing. Dial was discoloured due to heavy corroded indicator balls. And some other minor flaws. 
Speaker was dis-assembled re glued. Dial was cleaned. New dial-cord attached. etc.

An unexpected nostalgic and nice feeling, to listen to a transistor radio, when cooking. Haven't listened to a transistor radio for decades!

A long list...

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Answered (Verified) chartz replied on Fri, Aug 29 2014 3:52 PM
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And my recent experience with classic Beovox 5000 speakers is also enlightening. Night and day, the caps were mostly shot, showing absurd values with rocketting ESRs and raised capacitance. 

On my Beovox Monitor70 speakers, a re-cap made no difference at all, the caps still being up to specs.

Another classic device where old caps seem to last forever is the Beolab 5000 amplifier.

But I'd say yes, replace the old caps, it is good for the peace of mind, if anything.


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Beo_Jean replied on Fri, Aug 23 2019 12:37 AM

Old thread I know,

But I finally found the impedance of that M100 filler driver.  Thanks!

Amazing work btw!


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