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New Penta Mid-range units?

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Beofile7 posted on Mon, Apr 30 2012 2:48 PM

Although my Penta 2's are some years old now they have held up well but I am just getting a little mid-range unit foam rot setting in now.

As the units themselves were never good quality to start with I am questioning the logic of just re-foaming them rather than try a new unit altogether.

After many hours of searching i have found these:

Peerless Vifa NE95W-04 Full Range Speaker

I wonder if anyone has any experience with these or others and could make any recommendations?

Will they fit? Will they need modifying? Will it destroy the Pentas or give them a new lease?


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Dillen replied on Mon, Apr 30 2012 3:32 PM

You can make anything fit physically as long as you have the DIY skills needed and the will to
offer your speakers up to experiment.
A 3" Full range WOOFER ? I never saw that before and I would never expect anything like that
to sound good anywhere,really. And, knowing the crossover filters and cabinet properties of the Pentas,
I would say that I doubt anything but the original drivers would sound any good in there.
If I were you, I would have the original midranges refoamed and
if you don't like the Pentas, sell them and buy something else. Having them refurbished to original
condition will bring up their value when selling and give you a little to shop around for.
Fitting something else could be costly (the VIFAs are in the 35-40 pound range x8) and it could potentially
make your Pentas unsalable.


EDIT: Second attempt to post. First attempt failed and the server gave the "page can't be found".

Søren Mexico
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EDIT: Second attempt to post. First attempt failed and the server gave the "page can't be found".

Answering another thread, I got 4 times server time out, I get that frequently lately, and only on this forum.

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I agree, I get the same fault every so often.

Regards Graham

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Leslie replied on Mon, Apr 30 2012 5:00 PM

Had these issues with the old forum. Especially when uploading pictures, took ages. Now it's working fineSmile

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