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Beoplayer N.Radio

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david707 posted on Sun, May 11 2014 11:20 PM

Downloaded Beoplayer but there asre only a few radio stations. One per country maybe. What do I need to trigger it to download the full list? Beocare said I needed to register and it should then work. I did and It doesn't. Please would someone help? Possibly a firewall or network issue? Any techs out there who know how the software operates?

Thanks David

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BeoPlayer is free - and as such gives you a small set of stations.

If you were to buy a BeoPort and register that hardware you would unlock more stations.

I think that may also be true for other hardware purchases.

i.e. B&O will unlock more stations for you ... if you have evidence of having paid them some money e.g. buying second hand a BeoPort.

You might look at other alternatives to getting some stations e.g. an Apple TV.

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david707 replied on Mon, May 12 2014 10:40 AM

Ah that would explain things and I suspected this to be the case. This rather important aspect was not made clear to me by Beocare despite the fact I explained to them that I had previously had a Beosound 2 which I later sold. When my PC hard drive was replaced I now have no hardware to 'open up' all the stations! This is disappointing as I enjoyed N Radio.



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