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Hello there. We’re sorry you’re getting this message

As BeoWorld features very heavily on the internet there’s always a ‘keyboard warrior’ who sits in his lonely bedroom looking for ways to hack our server and ruin it for everyone.

What they get from this is beyond us, but it makes them feel good in some special way. Go hacker! Take a bite from that cold pizza next to you and punch the stale air.

The reason you’re seeing this page is because the hacker has tried so many times to break in he’s had the door slammed in his face. Normal service will resume shortly, so please refresh the page or come back soon.

Thank you for being part of our Community - and sorry people have to do this to something we enjoy. Hopefully they will open that rectangular thing on the wall and venture outside one day. We can only hope…..

See you soon

The BeoWorld Team

Other less common reasons for getting this message are:-

  • If you know that other users do not have a problem, then a file which is being accessed either by you or the system has a problem and you should inform the moderating team using the e-mail link below.
  • The Beoworld Server has a hardware problem and is down. This is very uncommon, it's only happen once in 6 years
  • The system has run out of SQL database capacity. You may still be able to read forum postings, but when you try and post something you get this message.
  • A backup of the forum database is being performed which normally does not take more than 20 minutes. Advanced warning of a full backup is normally provided when users are logged into the system.
  • The forum has executed an illegal instruction or there has been a protection violation. Has happened once in the last five years

Beoworld apologies to its members and guests for the current unavailability of the system and we ask you please to return after about 30 minutes.

If when you return you again get this message and you believe that the forum moderators are unaware of the current situation, then please send an e-mail about the situation.

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If this message persists, please e-mail us with details about what you were doing at the time

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