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Beomaster 3000-2

I got a Beomaster 3000-2 as a gift from a friend.Had a bit work with it changing all Polarized Capacitors those biggest included.

Almost everything working fine.I have rather strong signal to Power Transistor bases,both channels and here even the Balance adjustment works properly.

But-- when connecting speakers and even when listening with headphones the Balance pot behaves peculiarly. Both speakers sounds when the Balance is on either end position- right or left, just the same- but when 

it´s on the middle position i.e. both channels should sound with max signal with no balance adjustment in action, then everything  "in the middle" disappears. That means almost no song or solo instruments that should be heard

on both channels simultaneusly are perceivable anymore anymore!

I have checked everything as far I understand. Unfortunately I have no Oscilloscope to check the phase-propagation  with.

Any good suggestions what´s the problem?


Posted Sun, Nov 12 2017 9:33 AM by MarkiiBeo
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