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Is beomaster 2000 “ big enough” for Beovox redline 140 speakers?
Which beomaster/receiver best with beovox redline 140?



Hello experts :D

I need your advice:

I just received a beautiful pair of redline 140 loudspeakers, and would like to know how I get the most out of them. I have already a Beomaster 2000, but I’m guessing I might need to step up? Would beomaster 5000 be significantly better or do I need a beomaster 8000? Or even another? Are the speakers compatible with another brand of receiver and in that case which would you recommend? (I’m a bit on a budget too, so no need to mention really expensive dream options).

Thanks a lot :)


Posted Mon, Mar 9 2020 4:34 PM by Pernille


Ian wrote re: Is beomaster 2000 “ big enough” for Beovox redline 140 speakers?
on Sun, May 3 2020 5:09 AM

I hope someone with experience with them will chime in, but I'll take a stab.

Both versions of the BM2000 were around 30 watts, and I believe the RL140s were rated around 140 watts.

To quote Beocentral: "there was nothing in the B&O range of the day that could drive it fully, except for the Beolab 150 amplifier. However, the Beomaster 8000 had only recently withdrawn, which could certainly make full use of these full-size models."

That's not to say you can't try. You have them already, why not hook them up? They might be fairly efficient, but you're still going to be limited by the amp output.

But actually speaking from experience, I have the 80s BM2000 with 70s S45s, and I can drive them loud enough for neighbors to complain. I'm fairly impressed with the efficiency of those speakers. My guess is that the RLs are less efficient, but still doable—two 6" woofers, so nothing huge, nor too many drivers.

As for other receivers, literally any near that power rating should do. These speakers do have standard non-DIN connectors, so just get some speaker wire and go nuts.

Asking for a particular receiver/amp recommendation is tricky, and highly subjective, depending on budget/size/input requirements and so on.

bwest1000 wrote re: Is beomaster 2000 “ big enough” for Beovox redline 140 speakers?
on Sat, Sep 12 2020 8:36 PM

if you try and drive them with that much of a mismatch, you might blow your amp before you blow your speakers.  I think they're 89db sensitivity.  you'll be asking a lot for that little amp.  

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