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Beomaster 4000 power switch removal

The power switch on some of the Beomaster's tend to fail. I could not find instructions how to remove it anywhere, so in case it will help anyone this is how I removed mine.

Step 1:Open the unit, remove and disassemble the front panel

The front panel is tricky because its got lots of screws and some are hidden and in difficult positions (maybe I will do a post about it later)

Step 2: remove the plastic shell over the switch


Step 3: Bent the 4 metal tabs holding the switch in place at the bottom

Step 4: Remove the switch
This is the most difficult part. The switch-PCB is partially wedged between the metal rack and the other PCB (as can be seen in the photo above.)
It was removed by desoldering the first switch on the other PCB to allow some flex in the PCB. (some might say you should desolder all the switches but there were just to many)

The Switch was then rotated slightly (clock wise on the photo) to first dislodge it on the right and slowly wiggled out (it took me about 5 minutes just to wiggle it out)
This must be done with great care since both PCB can easily break.

The green circle indicates where the switch PCB should slide past the other PCB. The red circle shows that with a slight rotation the switch PCB can just clear the metal tab to slide to the right.

Step5: Removed switch:

Desolder the wires (can also do it earlier)

Posted Sat, Dec 4 2021 9:07 AM by OttoES
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