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Beolab 3.1 Set-up
Beolab 3.1 Set-up


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Hi everyone, 

I am trying to putting together a new sound system in my home, I am trying to use a Beolab 7.1 and a Beolab 7.4 together for a 3.1 set-up. 

I am using a AV receiver from Yamaha and I have already connected both speakers... the Beolab 7.4 is definitely and obviously lower in volume compared with the 7.1, 
I was trying to check the cable wiring of the 7.4 but I could not find any schematics for it. So I plugged the one I crafted for the 7.1 and I have tried to swap the RCA cable on the AV and both of the signals L/R were working on the 7.4

Does the 7.4 take both L/R signals from the powerlink and it combines it? 

Please let me know, I just don't want to burn my new Beolab 7.4

Thank you in advance, 

Posted Wed, Dec 29 2021 8:19 PM by kekko90design
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