Update Note to Members

Beoworld Web site and Forum are being updated in a phased implementation.

The current forum was started in March 2022 and the web site at https://beoworld.org remains NOT linked to this new forum meaning EXISTING members MUST register on the new forum with the same username and password and activate the account before you can login to the forum.

New members MUST register on this web site AND then separately on the forum. Apologies for the inconvenience during this transition period.

Silver and Gold members wishing to renew their membership should continue to do so via the web site at https://beoworld.org

Towards the end of last year it was decided to modified the original implementation plan by creating a new Beoworld Members Technical Library which will be accessed from the forum allowing links in the forum to documents in the library subject to the member having the required membership level. The library on the web site will remain, but will not be updated and can still be accessed as before by silver and gold members.

The new Members Technical Library will not duplicate manuals already available on the web site except where there is for example user manuals and associated service manuals in the new library. A second library will be a list of manuals and documents which are in hard copy and therefore not available for download. Any member who needs one of these documents can request it to be scanned for a small charge to cover the time it takes to scan it.


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