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Version 4.46 Controller Chip for Central Europe

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Version 4.46 Controller Chip for Central Europe

The follow is a list of the Set Top Boxes available with the Central Europe STB-C chip version 4.46 part number 8344786
Amino Generic (All Models)
Apple Remote (Apple TV - 2nd/3rd Gen)
Finecom Verte! (QuickLine)
Humax DVR-9900C
Humax iCord HD+
Humax PDR iCord HD
Humax PR-HD3000C
Kaon K3000HDPVR
Kathrein UFS 732
Motorola VIP1910-9
Nonoxx 9500 HD
Naxoo One
Panasonic Generic Blu-ray
Sagemcom RCI188-320KDG
Swisscom TV Black Remote (STB3210-DVR-A/1200E)
T-home MR 303
Technisat DigiCorder ISIO (S/S1/C/HD S3)
Technisat DigiCorder (S1/T1/K1/K2/HD S2/HD K2/HD 8S)
Teleclub HD PVR Ready (Kaon KCF-SB700 NST)
Topfield Generic (PVR models)
Unitymedia HD Recorder (Echostar HDC-601DER)
UPC Cablecom HD Mediabox Recorder (Cisco 8485 HD DVR)
UPC Cablecom Horizon HD
Wisi OR153HD

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