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  • Beo6 - Image/Logo not showing

    Hi I have made 28 custom logos/images for my beo6. I have managed to cover every zone with a nice picture and some other buttons in their sub menus. When I assign an image of SKY to DTV in the living room zone, the emulator in the config shows a white circle and i think it says "Image Not Available"...
    Posted to The Beo5/6 Remote Forum (Forum) by Kiran on Tue, Mar 3 2015
    Filed under: SKY, Beo 6, Beo 5, Beo5, beo6, error, image not available, custom logo, config tool, custom
  • Yet another BEO6 thread

    Hi everyone, I'm sorry that I am posting yet another request for someone to help me get the config tool for my BEO6 Remote. I bought the remote two years ago when I bought my first B&O TV and a BeoSound 5. I found the set up that B&O had put on it to be fairly useless and found it rather...
    Posted to The Beo5/6 Remote Forum (Forum) by Mike on Thu, Sep 10 2015
    Filed under: CT6.00, beo6, config tool
  • BEO6 Configuration Tool error on upload

    Hi All, I am trying for the first time to program a second hand BEO6. (my previous BEO6 was stolen & I am trying to replace it without having the expense of calling in the B&O dealer) I have sourced the Configuration Tool v 6.62, and made up a sample set up to try and load into the BEO6. When...
    Posted to The Beo5/6 Remote Forum (Forum) by CallmeAll on Sat, Aug 29 2015
    Filed under: Beo 6, beo6, config tool, 6.62
  • Beo6 Help

    Hi, A few days ago I connected my Beo 6 remote to my 64bit Windows 7 computer. I didn't realize that the Config tool only works on 32bit computers. Now the remote appears completely dead except for a red light on the back. Anyone has a fix for this? I only have one windows 10 and one windows 7 computers...
    Posted to The Beo5/6 Remote Forum (Forum) by JDonkor12 on Wed, Aug 19 2015
    Filed under: beo6, config tool, Dead
  • Beo 5 how to get up and running

    Hi, It's been a long while since I needed help. Having just upgraded from Beosystem 2 to a lovely new (to me) Beovision 4 65" and Beosystem 3 It's time for me to try to move from Beo4 to Beo5 I have just purchased a second user Beo5 just to play around with, had a look through the forum...
    Posted to The Beo5/6 Remote Forum (Forum) by bdm01 on Tue, Aug 2 2016
    Filed under: beo5 configuration tool windows 7 64 bit, CT6.00, Beo 5, Beo5, Configutaration tool 6.00.02, config tool, 6.62
  • Beo6 Network Control / REST-API?

    Hi! I just managed to get my hands on a Beo6 and started experimenting with Configuration Tool 6.84. :-) So far I've only upgraded the firmware to 3.40a (getting WiFi support) and added the old Sony Trinitron conf (from ) which gave me basic IR functionality...
    Posted to The Beo5/6 Remote Forum (Forum) by alex_112 on Wed, Nov 9 2016
    Filed under: Beo6 BV11 Config Tool, Beo 6, CT6.00, Beo 5, Beo5, Spotify, beo6, beo4, Configutaration tool 6.00.02, Beo5 LIGHT, config tool, custom, zones, 6.62, Beo5 Sky PS3 Apple IR Blaster PUC
  • Beo 6 to control Amazon fire tv

    Hope someone can help me here Current set up is beosystem 3 connected to beovision 4 65" sources connected to beosystem, sky + HD, Apple TV, PS3 via Mykonos, all working fine everythink is controlled by beo6 that I have programmed myself so today I purchased Amazon fire TV stick anyone know how...
    Posted to The Beo5/6 Remote Forum (Forum) by bdm01 on Sat, Feb 18 2017
    Filed under: Beo 6, beo6, config tool, beosystem 3
  • BeoCenter AV5 on Beo5?

    I like my silver coloured BeoCenter AV5, and finding a cheap, mint condition Beo5 I took the bite. Out of the box it worked fine with it (turn on, turn off, change channels, start the CD-player, start the (non-connected) radio - but couldn't find the menu for the stand (maybe I should read the user...
    Posted to The Beo5/6 Remote Forum (Forum) by Jørgen on Thu, Apr 6 2017
    Filed under: Beo5, config tool, Configutaration tool 6.48, BeoCenter AV5, Configutaration tool
  • Re: New Configuration Tool version 6.84, for Beo5/Beo6. Released to day.

    If you only own a Mac, there is no reason to invest in a Windows laptop just to use the config tool. You can run any Windows VM on a Mac easily using a program like that This is what I do.
    Posted to The Beo5/6 Remote Forum (Forum) by deeonline on Sun, May 7 2017
    Filed under: config tool
  • Custom Logos

    Hi Here are some logos for the Beo5/Beo6 They all are maximum area - 96 x 44 pixels. I have spent ages doing them. I have many more. Enjoy :)
    Posted to The Beo5/6 Remote Forum (Forum) by Kiran on Tue, Mar 3 2015
    Filed under: Beo 6, Beo 5, custom logo, config tool, custom, zones, logo
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