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  • Beocenter 5000 - setup & tips

    Hi, My first post here - I'm new to the world of Bang & Olufsen. I've just got hold of a Beocenter 5000 on eBay, and am in the process of getting it set up and working. It needed a new cartridge, which I have tracked down. I now need to get it set up and calibrated properly. At the moment...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Thom Chesshyre on Wed, Apr 10 2013
    Filed under: cartridge, Beocenter, 5000, turntable
  • Quiet Phono Output

    Morning all, I've more or less sorted the problems with my Beocenter 2000. The sound now works fully from both channels and i've learnt the stylus needs replacing. The final issue that I need to sort before sourcing a new cartridge is that the phono output is extremely quiet, I was told that...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by CalOco on Mon, Sep 9 2013
    Filed under: cartridge, Phono, Beocenter, stylus, volume problem, volume, phono problem, beocenter 2000
  • BEOGRAM 9500 / MMC-2 broken

    Hi everyone, My Beogram 9500 is out of order : the MMC-2 cartridge is broken. As it is quite impossible to find a new MMC2 cartridge for a reasonable price, is it possible to use another model of cartridge? MMC4 or 5 for example? Thanks in advance for your answers, Marc
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Marc LEMAN on Tue, Sep 3 2013
    Filed under: cartridge, repair, vintage, Cartridge Vinage, cartridge vintage B&O_350, catridge, beogram, broken, turntable
  • Beocenter 2000

    Hi all, I have acquired a Beocenter 2000 with Mirsch speakers that is in almost new condition. There is however 2 little problems I've found and could do with some help. The left speaker inputs both run an awful lot quieter than the right channel and I'm not sure why. I have tried both speakers...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by CalOco on Sun, Sep 1 2013
    Filed under: cartridge, help, Beocenter, speaker channel, counterweight, beocenter 2000
  • Beomaster 1900 - MM or MC?

    Hi, I just recently picked up a Beomaster 1900 in good working order. So far, I am unable to find any information online as to whether it will work with an MM cartridge. Does anyone know if you can play an MM turntable through the 1900? Thank you
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by gmor on Mon, Apr 23 2012
    Filed under: cartridge, beomaster 1900
  • How to clean an SP14 stylus?

    Anybody got any ideas on how to clean an SP14 stylus? I've also got an sp10 cartridge but the stylus has been bent somehow... I'm guessing that will have had it now, or is there anyway to get it working again? cheers guys, rich.
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by richardbell81 on Thu, Mar 21 2013
    Filed under: cartridge, stylus, sp14, sp10
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