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JET 508K Restoration project for sale

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Dillen Posted: Sat, Mar 30 2013 3:39 PM

JET 508K radio for sale.
Model year 1953. Restoration project.
This one stood in my collection for years, it's very beautiful and I was planning on restoring it myself but
I only have so much time (and so little room) so this one must go to a new caring owner, willing to
restore and enjoy it.

The set is complete and the general apppearance is extremely good.
You can tell that this is a collectors set.
Cabinet is intact with only a small amount of crazing to the lacquer here and there.
Dial glass is perfect with no blurring, cracks or hazing.
Speaker cloth is intact.
All knobs are intact with perfectly readable lettering.
Backside and underside covers are intact and nice.
A slight wear on top from things lying here, no doubt.
I can find no serious damages and no woodworm traces.

In need of restoration.
I tested it briefly and does work to some extent.
Looks all intact and untouched inside, though I did notice a Mullard output valve which is not original but since the UL41 valves are generally somewhat shortlived, finding a replacement comes
as no surprise.
I found a couple of stations on Mediumwave and one or two on Longwave with good sound and lots of volume.
Shortwave however was silent.
A quite peaceful Shortwave band seems to be normal where I reside but not as completely silent as this set.
All knobs are performing their functions.
The mains lead is very short. I will include a lead of the original correct figure-of-eight type in
the correct color of a more suitable length.
I will also include a copy of the service manual (in danish language but easily translated if need be).
The above will be in the form of the JET507K servicemanual plus the manual upgrade to JET508K
since these two models are very similar.

So all in all, this set is complete and has all internal parts functioning.
No parts missing and no optical damages to worry about.
It needs a new dial lamp. It doesn't affect the functionality of the set, though. It's a large pinol type lamp (220-230V / 15W).
I believe it would perform as originally intended if treated with a bunch of new capacitors to go instead
of the wax/paper types found in these sets (there are LOTS of them in this one) and maybe a couple of fresh valves.
But the basis for a good restoration is definitely here. Lots of nice solder work waiting.Laughing

Ask for postage (a bit expensive) or come here and pick it up.
I was thinking EUR 100 or a sensible offer.
Questions welcome.


Gary Nelson
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Did you have a price in mind?

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Dillen replied on Mon, Sep 2 2013 11:22 AM

Not really. I know that it's always difficult to set a pricetag on things like this so
I was hoping for an offer to consider.

Pickup or ship ?


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Leslie replied on Mon, Sep 2 2013 5:17 PM

??? Thought you had to name a price

Brengen & Ophalen

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Dillen replied on Sun, Jan 8 2017 2:29 PM

Still here, waiting for a new caring owner.
It's a nice set.


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