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Beolink PC2 and Beoport randomly hangs when using N.RADIO

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pleonipi posted on Tue, Nov 28 2017 1:12 AM


I'm using Beoport (the last one) with Beolink PC2 on W10. It works perfectly with N.Music.

When switching from N.Music to N.Radio, audio randomly mute itself, immediately or after a while. It needs to open W10 audio mixer and unmute BeoNetRadio application. It then works, but ready again to mute itself spontaneously after a while.

When switching from N.Radio to N.Music, N.Music always starts correctly and remains well running forever.

I already tried:

- to adjust all possible N.Radio parameters from config Menu

- changed webradio

- installed older Beoport versions

- changed pc audio device

always same trouble.

Anybody experienced same effect ? Solutions ?

Many thanks and BR


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Sorry. I have moved net-Radio to iTune on the Essence and have Radio Paradise on my MacMini and ATV. I rarely used the BeoPort s Radio anyway.

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RaMaBo replied on Wed, Nov 29 2017 2:12 PM



i have this mostly when switching to N.Radio on my W7.

The Beoplayer software connects to the station gets the stream and wants something more. Until it gets it the sound will be muted. This can be seen in the mixer: It's muted but the level meter works.

While being still muted there's a dotted line behind the selected station with a moving line. Once it unmutes the sound itself the dotted line gets solid and the computer won't be locked after a timeout of inactivity.

If you unmute yourself, the Beoplayer application recognises this and the lock screen mechanism will not be blocked.

Some times it helps to move the selected station one up and one down via the cursor keys first run a bit slower and the second run faster. i found this somewhere Don't ask me what happens there  Confused  but it mostly helps Smile

Sometimes the muting happens also while listening to a radio station.


The hardware itself shouldn't be the problem: quad core @ 2GHz, 4 GB RAM, System on SSD, GB Network and a 50/10 MBits internet connection. The problem is also not load depending


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