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Amazing choice of pre-owned Bang and Olufsen

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For sale : These aren't just any Beovox MS150s , they're THE Beovox MS150s........

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h1npw Posted: Sat, Nov 11 2017 7:31 AM

These are the very same pair that appear on the product pages of both Beoworld and Beocentral!

Formally owned by Peter (moderator of this forum), I have owned them for the last 7 years. I used them in a slightly unusual system - Beocentre 2300 and a Quad 405-2 amplifier and they sounded, well, perfect. I haven't used them for a while as we downsized and SHMBO said they were to big in the new house...

When Peter owned them he had them professionally refurbished by a company called  Recone that unfortunately don't exist anymore. They replaced the foam surrounds with rubber ones, so they're never going to rot again. I have the frequency response graph that Recone produced after the work was done. Peter told me that they had told him the graph was as flat (ie perfect) as they had ever seen from a speaker. I'm not going to describe their sound as its so subjective. Suffice to say they just sound "right" .

I've since spent a fair bit of money on them, having the cabinets professionally French polished and the stands professionally repainted in their original colour. They look like new. The frets however need some work doing that I've been putting off and putting off and now SHMBO says they've got to go.. Some of the pegs on the frets have broken off and need repairing / replacing. The frets will attach to the speakers, but they're hanging on by their fingernails! There are threads on the old forum that show how this can be done with lots of photos, but I'm so hamfisted I'm basically too frightened to try, for fear of damaging them. The fret cloth is in good condition but is quite dusty. They might come up like new with a very gentle wash (again there are threads on how to do this but the cloth might well need replacing). Someone with the right tools and skill could easily make the frets look like the rest of the speakers - like new. Or you could, like I did, use them without the frets as I think they look awesome naked!

I feel like I'm on the Antiques Roadshow now... "So, what price do we put on these?".... Well, these really are a very special pair of speakers with great provenance that have given immense enjoyment and I will be a bit tearful when they go... A pair went last week on eBay for £620 and they'd had some of their drivers replaced with non B&O drivers!! Goodness knows what they sounded like, but they sure weren't original! I'm willing to let mine go for only slightly more, £700, as the speakers themselves are far better than the ones sold on eBay, but there's some (not expensive) work to do on the frets.

The speakers are in Nottingham and I'd be more than happy to demonstrate them. I'm also happy to deliver anywhere mainland UK for the cost of the diesel.

I can't seem to be able to upload photos....Email me if you'd like me to email you some.



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