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Beomaster5 to iMac

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stuart50_1 posted on Fri, Oct 27 2017 1:32 PM

Hi all

Can anybody help , I have a beamaster 5 running through  Tplink as you all no the only why to put music on the Bm is to connect by using the connect to server in the finder window using the IP address .The BM does say it is not connect but , I can play internet radio .

Using the go to server and the IP address just does not work , I have called up the IP address on the BM .

I have tried the way the dealer has given me , its listed in this forum some where , and it does not work. I have a IP address finder on my iPad and I can see the BM and it’s IP when I type the address in the go server window it just comes up with the some message .

Any ideas as I can no longer load new music ? 


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Have similar problems. On Top, My beomaster / beosound see the connected CD ripper but does not rip the music to hard drive...

Any help ?


I am using latest version of Mac OS..


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svinaik replied on Sat, Oct 28 2017 10:44 AM

I have another weird issue. On the Beosound 5 LCD panel in the setting menu, it shows the network connection as "No" but when I look at the connection in the service menu, it shows that Beomaster 5 is connected on the home Wifi Network.

On the Beoconnect application, The app detects the Beomaster 5 but when I click on it to connect, I get the following message

"Please check the IP address / computer name, password or network connection".

Any guidance....


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