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Beoplay V1 software update

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madskp posted on Fri, Sep 29 2017 5:02 PM

I was suprised yesterday that my Beoplay V1  presented me with the software update dated 01-09-2017. The release notes only says: Your TV is updated with new software.

Does anyone know what's in this software release or if there is any know problems with it before i install it?

In a way I'm impressed. The TV is over 5 years old and still getting updates.

Thanks in advance



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Aussie Michael
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I think BeoMegaMan outlines the update in here....

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Unfortunately there is only the old version from 2016 for download...



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Before I re-activate my Spotify Premium account I would like to know if the new Spotify Connect feature on V1/BV11 will work with a Beoplay M5 in a multiroom setup. Has anyone tried this?

Not that I have tried exactly that, but since you write 'Spotify Connect feature on V1/BV11', I guess you mean with e.g. an Essence set to share the speakers of the tv. There is no native Spotify Connect support on these tv's!

And since I can join in to a Spotify Connect/BS Essence session from my V1 (in another room), I suppose, that you can do the same with the M5.

But interesting - if someone could try out that user case also, it would be nice.


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It works with BV11 speakers via Beoplay M5 also, and I can navigate in the Spotify playlist using the "<<" / ">>" Beo4-keys via the BV11.

Well done B&O !

Best regards - Dyssegaard

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So I Updated the TV and deezer loads.

Problem is i cannot login, I checked my details on the app multiple times but it will not log in on the damn TV


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