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Amazing choice of pre-owned Bang and Olufsen

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Beocom 2 table charger

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thorne posted on Wed, Jul 19 2017 10:31 PM

Where is the best place to buy these and how much should I expect to pay?

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Opman replied on Wed, Jul 19 2017 11:20 PM

Hi Thorne

These are now rare. If you have a BeoCom 2 already and need a charger, the question is how badly do you want to use it? Obviously the condition will have a baring but the rarity will make it more valuable.

At Bang & Olufsen of Wilmslow we have three new BeoCom 2 handsets but no chargers. Last year I was able to source some components to convert "dummy Bases" into working chargers but have had no luck in securing any more parts.

Good luck


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Found this if it’s any help:

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9 LEE replied on Thu, Jul 20 2017 12:38 AM


I'm all for adding a little when they're obsolete and hard to find as you have to pay more to get them - but they were only £85 brand new!

My Daughter has a White Com2 in her room, on a table charger - and she's just told me £150 and it's yours. She'll spend the money on a weekend away with her friends and give me the actual Com2 handset as a gift Wink


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Thorne, send me a PM.
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hi lee , if that falls through , i would love to buy from your daughter .. 


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TWG replied on Thu, Jul 20 2017 9:10 AM

Maybe it's time to have someone make a 3D scan of those table chargers, model it and reprint it with a longer lasting material.

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thorne replied on Thu, Jul 20 2017 3:54 PM



Thanks for all replies.  I thought it might be the battery to begin with but I put the phone on another charger and it charged up perfectly.  I should have made clear I am not looking for an additional charger but a replacement for one which is faulty (at least, I think it is!).  I assume these cannot be repaired

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