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Setup Avant CRT/VHS with Panasonic PV40 with DVD Controller

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cuadradofc posted on Tue, Jul 4 2017 11:37 AM

Dear all,

I need your help to setup my Avant CRT/VHS and connect to Panasonic PV40 DVD with DVD Controller. That way I will be able to watch the DVD and control it with the Beo4 as for the rest of B&O products. For the time being, I have to do "local/manual" operation directly on the CD...

The problem is that the Panasonic PV40 DVD is a portable one and the image/sound is transmitted to the Avant by RCA or S-VHS. That way I do not manage to handle the connections with SCART and DVD Controller.

Any help or suggestion is more than welcomed.

Many thanks in advanced!!!

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