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BeoCenter 2500 not outputting any sound.

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thunder posted on Mon, Mar 13 2017 5:43 AM

Hello everyone,

 Longtime lurker, first time poster. I've just acquired a second hand BeoCenter 2500 with Beolab 2500 speakers. However, the BeoCenter 2500 does not output any audio when attached to either the BeoLab 2500's or a pair of BeoLab 4000's. 


The BL4000's are known to work perfectly - they were unplugged directly from a BM4500 just to test. 

The BL2500's attached to the BC2500 never come off standby - red lights stay on. 

Is there some auxiliary master link output mode that the BC2500 might be in? How can I debug this problem some more?  Tomorrow I'll check the BL2500's are functioning by plugging them into the BM4500, but I'm pretty sure they're functioning fine already.




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CB replied on Sun, Apr 30 2017 8:43 AM

Hi and welcome to Beoworld Smile

Check your cables / connectors first...

But you're right, the sound output can be changed.

If the BS was used in conjunction with a B&O video system, this may have been changed (althought I don't know if this setting remains once the BS is stopped).

You can, for example, hear a music video through the BS speakers; or you can use the system the other way around, and listen to the radio, a CD, or a tape on your TV speakers. To operate these audio/video functions, you must use the AV LIST button on the Beo4 remote control.

And in order to display AV on Beo4, you must add the function to Beo4 (refer to Beo4 User’s guide and the chapter Customising your Beo4).

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Curious that neither of the BL2500 function?

Try them,using their own cables,via the BM4500 to prove they are ok.

If they work ok ,then it has to be a problem with the Beocentre 2500.The speakers are "triggered" by a signal from the Beocentre,but this is switched off when headphones are connected.

Is it possible that a headphone connector is broken off in the socket,or that the kid's have pushed something into the socket?




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