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Beomaster 6000 TP1 - only playing through left channel

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J541 posted on Fri, Feb 17 2017 2:36 PM

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.. 

Recently bought a 6000 type 2252 to work with a Beocord 8000 and CDX2.. 

The sound is great through the CDX via TP2, aerial not hooked up yet however on connecting the Beocord 8000 via the 7pin DIN cable am only getting the left channel playing. Fitted a 5 pin DIN iPod type connection to my mobile and this plays fine. So looks like culprit is the cable/connec tions or Beocord? 

Has anyone experienced something similar..suggestions how to fault find.

On another note, the Beomaster doesn't go into stanby when pressing the power button. When turn off/back on at the socket then is in stanby until select source. Apparently been sitting/unused for a while..does it need to 'warm up' with a bit of use for some niggles to iron out?

All the best.. 


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