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How to connect the Power-links on BS3 in 7.1 setup

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sodoi18 posted on Fri, Feb 10 2017 2:26 PM


It is not totally clear to me how the PL 2-6 - as seen in the image below works.

The Centre and Sub are obvious and I have 7.1 and Beolab 2 working fine. However how would I know which one is for front L/R, and so forth. Is this custom assignable or fixed by default

I tested few configurations and found that 2 is the Front and I had to use a splitter to connect to 2 seperate Beolab 1 as L/R

Do I have to split the number 3 - for Rear L/R - Can I daisy chain instead- I have Beolab 6000 as rear

I am certainly missing something simple here - any help is appreciated.


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You can assign the powerlnk outputs as you choose in the menu, so if you have enough powerlink connections for all your speakers you can connect each speaker to its own socket, but each socket carries two channels so you can also use splitters or daisychain you speakers if you prefer.


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