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CDX player cd holder problem need advice

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kuantings Confused [*-)] posted on Thu, Feb 9 2017 6:44 AM

Hello, I just got this beautiful CDX from eBay when it arrived the lid seems won't function normal. Please help me out.

When I first power on and the lid open without problem when I press Eject button but when I hit play or close the lid the cd holder won't lower and the lid will jam on the holder, any idea what went wrong here? Any suggestion will be welcome.

please see video below



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Danny Wells
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When you push in the 'Eject' button, do it gently until you hear a 'click' and immediately release it.

If you push it too hard so that it goes all the way in, the switch mechanism will stick in. This means that when you touch 'Play' the glass lid cannot close properly and the CD will not load correctly so cannot play. If this happens, you can gently press on the glass lid as soon as it has closed - you will hear a 'click' and the CD will begin to play. Next time you press 'Eject' - do it gently!

Note: Make sure that you touch' Stop' before trying to eject a CD - sounds obvious but isn't.

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