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Is Beolink 1000 mk2 compatible with any remote controls other than other Beolink

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KCS posted on Sat, Jan 21 2017 7:58 PM

I have a Beolink 1000 mk2 and what I think is a master control panel, neither of which fully work anymore. What's the best replacement? I am using a Beomaster 5500 with Penta speakers.

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beowild replied on Fri, Feb 10 2017 10:21 AM


If you only use the everyday functions of the BM5500 (no programming, no timers), you can use most of the existing remotes as a replacement: Terminal 3300, BL1000, MCP5500, MCP6500, Beo4. Beo4 is still available as new product.Terminal 5000 or MCP5000 will not fit.

If you need also the timer programming functions, only MCP5500, MCP6500 or perhaps BL5000 will fit. Sometimes you find these on ebay or at second hand shops like our sponsor lifestyleAV.

The best replacement depends on your personal needs and taste. Buying new will lead you towards Beo4, which is also compatible with newer products. Buying second hand i would recommend BL1000 or MCP5500 / MCP6500 (depending on the color of your BM5500, if its white you will find a white MCP5500 or MCP6500, if its grey/aluminium only a MCP5500 fits in style.

My personal recommendation ist to repair the MCP5500 or finding someone who does it for you.

Best regards



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