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B&O Collection for sale in California

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Piaf Posted: Thu, Jan 12 2017 6:54 PM


My very, very good friend in Stockton, California is selling the majority of his collection of B&O equipment. This is the friend who has gifted me with so many of my treasures.

The items offered are all functional and operational offered CHEAP because their appearance is tattered, the result of living with cats. The list is as follows:

M70, pair, $45, S75 w/stands, pair, $50, S75 solo, $25, S60, pair, $45, RL140 w/stand, solo, $30, RL60, solo, $25, Beogram 1700 w/ MMC6000 cartridge, $75.  if someone wishes all, take off 20%.

The real negative is the seller prefers not to ship, so these items will need to be picked up. Stockton is not far from San Francisco, if that makes a difference to anyone.

If interested contact Hon Lee


Beogram 4000, Beogram 4002, Beogram 4004, Beogram 8000, Beogram 8002, Beogram 1602. Beogram 4500 CD player, B&O CDX player, Beocord 5000 T4716, Beocord 8004, Beocord 9000. Beomaster 1000, Beomaster 1600, Beomaster 2400.2, Beomaster 2400.2, Beomaster 4400, Beomaster 4500, Beolab 5000, Beomaster 5000, BeoCenter 9000. BeoSound Century,  S-45, S-75, S-75, M-75, MC 120.2 speakers; B&O Illuminated Sign (with crown & red logo). B&O grey & black Illuminated Sign, B&O black Plexiglas dealer sign, B&O ash tray, B&O (Orrefors) dealer award vase,  B&O Beotime Clock. Navy blue B&O baseball cap, B&O T-shirt X2, B&O black ball point pen, B&O Retail Management Binder


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