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Your latest addi(c)tion?

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Piaf replied on Wed, Jul 12 2017 1:16 AM

Very nice indeed, enjoy!  Smile


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Got myself a pair of the H4's a couple of weeks ago.

I liked them when they came out - but not the colours Sad

So I said - when/if they will be available in all black, I'll come back to it.

Remeber - you always have to ask yourself, do you need an extra pair of headphones Whistle

In this case, yes - they are my first Bluetooth headphones.

The BT technology has matured.

I don't fancy stuffing anything into my ears.

The H8/9 were too clumsy and imo not easy to manage.

The H4's are just right.


In the box was a voucher for a gift, that I could fetch at my local store (where I also bought the H4).

I went there again the other day - and got this little powerbank.

Nothing 'big', but enough for charging the H4, once should you run out of steam on the go.

And it has Bang & Olufsen written on it Cool


All in all very pleased with this purchase.

I use them at home too - some times these and sometimes my (good old) H6.

But I must admit, once you get used to the convenience of being 'unattached', it's hard to use the cable.

So it is more like: if I have a longer session listening from my HP-amp on my V1 or the Playmaker...., I take the H6's.

Otherwise the H4's get connected to my iPad/iPhone

Both have kind of the same sound signature.




There is a tv - and there is a BV.

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I asked a friend of mine to collect new PC boards from B&O Knightsbridge for me to bring back to South Africa. 

He ever so kindly bought me a Beoplay P2 in blue as a gift...also bought one for himself. I always say the best B&O's are the free ones. 

Fantastic little speaker. 

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