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Connected home

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Seanie_230 posted on Wed, Oct 25 2017 11:42 AM

Hello all

Now I have moved house I want to think about having a smart interconnected home.

I currently have my BLGW not doing much since I moved house

I have an alarm connected to the smoke alarms in my new house, I started by thinking OK I will install nest protect as I already have one and then these will eventually talk to the nest thermostat eventually.

I posted on another forum about this and was recommended to look into texecom connect or puronix home control which will monitor alarm and cameras via an app

So in my home I have the below Systems or will have eventually

Bang and Olufsen

Security system

Smoke detectors

Lighting control (open to ideas but want control panels)

Blinds or curtain tracks


Now I want integration to my BLGW

I want buttons on the walls to replace switches but not ripping walls apart

Maybe I want iPad control so I can have one or a screen in the hall or on table stands giving me control of my entire home at my fingertips

I want to be able to see stuff on my TV screen home control

I want when there is movement the camera appears on TV screens like in Beointergration manual

So million dollar question

How can this be done, Lutron?

I don’t want a closed system like control 4 which is installed and I am a dummy.


I am after ideas and some inspiration for a system I can build over a few years.



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Luke Spadavecchia
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Hi Seanie, my solution is to run an Indigo domotics server on a Mac mini. Indigo supports a wide range of home automation technologies and is widely extensible. I'm running lots of z wave lighting modules, some legacy Insteon/x10 stuff, a range of nest products, a bunch of Foscam ip cams and some LightwaveRF switches (they make really nice wireless switches). PhilLondon wrote a great indigo plugin (available on this forum) to interface the MLGW so everything is controllable using the beo4. It's very stable and pretty easy to set up. You can interface more or less anything with a bit of Python scripting. The only downside is running a computer 24/7, but the Mac mini has a very small power footprint.

I hope that helps


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I agree that it's wise to avoid closed systems like Conrol4. Lutron RadioRa 2 or Homeworks would be ideal. Note that you can easily combine the two with the BLGW. The BLGW acts as seamless bridge to connect all systems. As I understand it, RadioRa2 might not be as accessible in the UK. Therefore, you might select a bridge for the Homeworks and use the Homeworks keypads. The Lutron keypads (wall or tabletop) are extremely easily mapped to any BLGW macros. You don't have to think of the keypads as "Lutron" as they actually become an interface for B&O. So rather think of them as a type of B&O remote.

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