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Beolab 5/Beosound 9000 power link question

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tom555 posted on Mon, Jul 17 2017 7:50 PM

Hi All,

My setup is normally 2 Beolab 5s connected to a Beosystem 3 and it works well.   I just recently picked up a New Old stock Beosound 9000.  Very excited.  The Beosystem went in for a software update so I connected the Beolabs directly to the Powerlink on the Beosound.  No Sound.  

Popped out one of the cables (for the left speaker) and got sound from the right.   Connected the left again and heard a small blip of sound from the left speaker but then both went off.  I tried a different power link cable.  Same result. The right speaker works well with the Beosound but the left just doesn't seem to like it.  Connected the left with a power link cable from the right speaker.  Same result.  

Both work fine with the Beosystem using power link so I'm pretty mystified.  

Never got to try it with master link into the beosystem since it was PIN locked when the dealer came to unlock it and pick up the Beosystem. Any idea what's going on?





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tom555 replied on Wed, Jul 19 2017 8:05 AM

Ok.  Got the situation narrowed down a bit.  Maybe someone can tell me what is going on here:

Beosound 9000 is connected with Powerlink cable to Y Adapter connected with  power link cables to each beolab 4s. 

1. From power off, I hit CD button on Beo4, CD spins, speakers turn green, no sound
2. Disconnect left speaker power link cable.  Sound plays through right speaker
3. reconnect left speaker cable, all sound stops.
4. Connect Powerlink port 2 on beosound 9000 to Sonos analog input using power link to RCA cable t — Both speakers work.  The sonos is not connected to the beolab 5s in any way in this situation.
Anyone have any ideas?
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stefan replied on Wed, Jul 19 2017 2:20 PM

What I`d check:

- are powerlink cables fully wired?

- Is the Y adapter fully wired?

- L/R switch on BL5s set correctly?

- BS9000 set to A.OPT 1?

- BL5 set to L.OPT 0?

- try also RADIO mode on BS9000

What I`D change:

- disconnect the y adapter  and connect one PL cable straight to the first (left?) BL5 and daisychain with another PL cable to 2nd BL5.

- connect an spdif cable from BS9000 dig out to first BL5 (dig in) and daisychain with another cable to 2nd BL5. Test CD mode.

Hope this helps


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tom555 replied on Fri, Jul 21 2017 7:31 AM

Thanks so much.  Yep.   Removing the Y connector and chaining them with the original cables fixed everything.  

Much Appreciated


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