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Old phones as audio source

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vikinger Posted: Sun, Jul 16 2017 3:16 PM

How many Beoworlders are using old cell/mobile phones as audio sources?

Get a new phone, switch SIM, but keep the old phone on Wi Fi connected to either an old Beomaster or current active speakers? I've realised that as a family we have a drawer full of old phones all usable as audio equipment.


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Jeff replied on Sun, Jul 16 2017 7:54 PM

I have an IPhone 4 that I replaced when I switched carriers two years ago. Didn't want to replace it, as it still worked and did everything I needed, but it was AT&T and was incompatible with the faster data standard used by Verizon (switched because after moving we were in an area where AT&T had no coverage to speak of). I consoled myself by setting it up to use as a remote for iTunes, my Harmony remote setup, and as a Spotify source. It lives, for the time being, in my den connected to my small tube based system in there. Works fine, good use for it.


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tournedos replied on Sun, Jul 16 2017 9:23 PM

The thing I loved in my old Nokia N8 was that it had a very good quality stereo FM transmitter, so you could easily use it wirelessly with any old radio. I used that feature a lot. The phone still works (it seems indestructible) but as it runs on Symbian, nothing has been updated in years and most of the apps have become useless as the backend servers just aren't there any more. Using the web versions of internet radio stadions is usually too cumbersome for me to bother :(


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