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Beomaster 5000 receiver with Beovox 3000 speakers

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dwwdww posted on Thu, May 4 2017 11:01 PM

I've noticed that the right channel speaker has little woofer response compared to the left channel speaker when the balance is set so both channels are equal.  I can correct the problem by adjusting the balance so that it is weighted more to the right channel.  I'm trying to determine if the problem is the receiver or the speaker.  Has anyone else had this issue?  If so, what was the fix?

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Søren Mexico
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Shift the speakers connections, left to right, right to left, if the failure follows the speaker, uoy have a speaker problem, if not, it is the BM 5000

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Saint Beogrowler
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I had this problem once on my Beomaster 5000. Turned out to be a 0.47uf poly cap on the output amp board. I spent hours trying to figure it out.


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