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Beogram 4000 broken tonearm

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Dom Keen
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Dom Keen posted on Mon, Apr 17 2017 7:12 PM

Hello beoworlders

So my beogram 4000 always had a fragile tonearm, just where the stylus attaches. The metal clip that inserts into the bottom of the pickup has just broken off :-(

Any tips or advice on how I can get this fixed or source a replacement part and get it fixed?

thank you all in advance :-)


warmest regards

Dom Keen






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Hi Dom,

Your Beogram 4000 tonearm problem is not uncommon. I have had to fix that problem on both of my Beogram 4000 turntables. The first one I repaired by stealing a new cartridge mount from a spare Beogram 4004 turntable (same cartridge type mount). You can see that repair here (towards the bottom of the page). On the second Beogram 4000 I worked with Beoworld member Beolover to try a 3D printed replacement part for the cartridge mount. That way another Beogram tonearm doesn't have to be sacrificed. You can see that repair here (about a quarter way down the page). Both repairs worked great and haven't given me any problem.


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