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How to repair a beolit 500

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Yannick Adriaenssens
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Belgium, Antwerp
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Hello everyone

Small introduction of myself: I'm Yannick Adriaenssens and I'm new here (I already made this account few years ago, but never took the time to use this site). Actually I have never used a forum before, so tell me when I do something wrong :-) So, I'm still student, industrial engineer at the colleague in Antwerp, Belgium and I have bought a beolit 500 6 months ago (they told me it was in perfect condition) but it isn't... btw I'm a huge Bang and Olufsen fan ;p

So... since I study elektromechanics I know what a condensator is and what it does etc... But I really don't know how to start to repair my beolit 500. Are there any experts who would like to give me some advice? Which steps I should follow etc?

At this moment the radio will play some voices (only voices!). The beolit totally distort when there are also instruments. I have recorded it and will try to add it to this post.


Thanks in advance for the help :-)






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Ben_S replied on Sun, Apr 30 2017 6:30 PM

Hi and welcome to Beoworld!

I love these Beolits.  The sound you seem to be experiencing is likely to be the famous magnet issue in the speaker.  Have a search around on the forum and you will see some further information relating to this issue.

Any other problems with it? 



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