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Beovox M70 phase link driver

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ethanfry posted on Tue, Apr 4 2017 6:20 PM

Hello all-


I have a pair of M70s that my dad bought new. He passed them down to me a number of years ago, and while the guys in the stereo shop keep trying to tell me that I'll be happier with something newer, I'm so damn happy with these that I just don't see the need to bother.



I noticed yesterday (not for the first time) that a particular guitar solo, and the a saxophone solo, that were mixed predominantly into the left channel were pretty soft. I thought it was a weird choice, but who knows why people do things?

But then it occurred to me that it might be something about my equipment, so I put my ear in front of each driver separately, and sure enough, one of them was silent. So I pressed on the cone, and it didn't move at all. Ruh roh.

It's the second largest driver in the speaker, in what I believe is known as the 'phase link' component. Seems like the easiest thing to do is just swap the driver out (even I can handle that), but I can't find any information on the driver itself. It's got 4<omega> and '761013' stenciled onto it, and that's all. My forum perusal points to peerless and SEAS as driver suppliers for B&O in this era, but like I say, I can't find anything on this driver in particular.


Any help out there? 

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Rich replied on Wed, Apr 5 2017 12:48 AM
I don't have any M70 phase links*, but you may be able to fix them. I've had some luck fixing a few drivers. Perhaps Dillen has one in his dungeon. It may also be a failure in your crossover network. What I thought was a faulty phase link in my S45-2s turned out to be failed electrolytic capacitors in the crossover. You really need to swap parts around and check continuity here and there and do more to diagnose the problem.

*I do have 2 spare woofers and 2 spare dome midranges.

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The M70s are lovely, full range speakers and you will be hard pressed to find better ones south of 1000 € at least. Don't give up on them alright?

Welcome to Beoworld Smile


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I agree with Jacques fully. Do not hear to the guys from the "stereo shop", they probably never heard a pair of M70.

And if they are coming from your dad than even more "must stay".

Try to contact Dillen for help.

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