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BeoVision Avant 85 Picture Defect

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Bubbza posted on Thu, Mar 16 2017 9:51 PM


In the winter of 2016 I bought a Beovision Avant 85 (and Beolab 5 and 18) from B&O retailer in Sweden. Since then I discovered that the entire screen has vertical stripes which are most visable during camera panoramic movement or when there is one bright colour on the screen or parts of it (see attachment) I have tried with different sources and with adjusting the settings but nothing has worked. 

In my opinion the screen must be defected. I have contacted B&O HQ in Denmark but they refuse to help!! They give the following response:

Thank you for your e-mail regarding your BeoVision Avant 85  - we do apologize for this rather late reply.
Our technical team and our television quality expert have investigated the matter and examined the images provided and based on the information available the conclusion is that the screen of your BeoVision Avant 85, is within specifications.
Please allow us to elaborate further on this conclusion as well as explaining some of our technology choices made for this TV model.
The LCD module used in BeoVision Avant 85 is of the direct-LED backlight type with an array of many LEDs positioned behind the LCD screen. These LEDs can be controlled in small groups, making it possible to reduce backlight intensity locally, depending on scene content. This technique is called local dimming and it improves the local picture contrast drastically, while reducing the energy consumption of the TV significantly for the majority of TV material. A minor drawback of this technique is that it can be more difficult to achieve a fully even uniformity in bright scenes.
LCD modules with edge-LED backlight type (such as in the BeoVision Avant 55) do not have this minor drawback, but they do not benefit in the same way from the better dynamic contrast and the reduced energy consumption.
We would like to point out that the advantages and disadvantages of edge-LED and direct-LED type backlight systems are well known among the different TV set makers in the industry and you will see that different TV set makers have made different technology choices.

Bang & Olufsen have decided to opt for the direct-LED backlight type with local dimming for our largest screen size (75/85") flagship product, because this in our opinion gives the best trade-off between advantages and disadvantages for our customers.

We hope that this has helped to explain the observations you have made.

Has anyone experienced the same problem with the Avant 75 or 85 or with any other direct led TV? Is it true what they are saying? Are there no reasonable limitations on how much picture defects one can accept? Personally I think Bang and Olufsens response in comparison to the a 25 000 euro price is unacceptable.

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Chris Townsend
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My 7-55 has local dimming, albeit 6-7 years older and I've never seen anything like this. I had a minor issue last year which had disappeared but nothing remotely that bad.

I'm a fan boy, and even though I'm currently penniless due to house moves etc, the current problems be it from the 14 to the Moment, is really testing my loyalty. When you consider these big TVs are flagship items, what chance do we haveErm..

Beovision 7-55 Mk2, Avant RF 28, Beolab 5,  Beolit 15,  Beoplay A1/A2, Beocom 2, Beotime, H3 ANC/H8/H6/H2, Form 2, Beoplay A3, Beovision 5-42 connected to a DVD1

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I still would like to see better pictures of the issue. Many times it looks exaggerated through a camera and also some issues due to the backlight is unfortunately impossible to make anything about. By the way, the new screens (55 and 75") are global dimming = just one big zone so there's a change the issue is less apparent on the new models but they would then lack the possibility to dim better at dark zones without making bright ones dark. The 85" is still 2D dimming though.

Here is an example of how clouding might look through a camera (even my Avant that looks nice shows signs of clouding in the corners through a camera)

I don't want to stand on anyones side here but I think that A) the evidence (the picture) is really bad and B) it is very hard to say what the issue looks like IRL and C) the issue might be a part of how the screen technology works - not much different than any other manufacturer would also have in their local dimming sets possibly. And D) There is other issues as well, the algorithm for smoothing (interpolating) frames to make them more fluid (step up from 25 fps to 50/60/100/120hz) creates extra frames that the software cant make properly in all situations, especially panning - so on any Avant (or any TV with this kind of tech) there will be some strange glitches in certain situations (you can also turn the feature off and get a more choppy video).  

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