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Removing damaged white veneer

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Krolroger posted on Fri, Mar 10 2017 8:15 PM

Hello All,

Normally heat will soften the glue on veneer strips on some of the older Beomasters and they will then come off pretty easily.

However, I'm having difficulty getting what looks like a non-textured white faced wood veneer off the aluminium panel pieces on a Beocentre 4000 (the earlier one).

Direct heat doesn't work.  Tried simmering it which softened the wood fibres a bit, but still a job and a half to remove it with a sharp blade.  White spirit no help either.

Is there any technique or solvent I can try to get the veneer off?

Finally, can anyone recommend a source for the slightly off-white/almond milk colour veneer that I will in due course replace?





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