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Beogram 6006 (8000 / 8002) stops after 30 .. 45 seconds

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Beomaster63 posted on Mon, Feb 27 2017 10:51 AM

Hi everybody
3 weeks ago my Beogram suddenly stopped during playing a LP. Then I tried to play it again and I get the same result. I moved the tonearm in the middle position of the LP to exclude a mechanical position problem. The same result again. After 30 .. 45 seconds playing, the Beogram allways stops playing and move back in normal stop position. I replaced the aluminium electrolytic capacitors and tried it again. Still the same. I can't play a full LP. Could this be a problem with the sensor?

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ProGram replied on Mon, Feb 27 2017 11:23 AM
When the tonearm remains in one position during playback especially when a crack occurs (or when the servo motor is not strong enough) the deck goes into stand by. My beogram 8000 switched the whole set into stand by.

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Dillen replied on Mon, Feb 27 2017 11:34 AM

Repair shaft opto and/or tracking opto and/or related circuits.


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Thx so much for all the answer I've got. All answers are very appreciated.
I decided to to take off the drive section first for cleaning and take some lube on it, because I figured out that some parts seemed very dry.
Unfortunaltely didn't I have any advice to take off the drive section (In the service manual is no description of that). So I tried to took off carefully the drive section and cleaned it, and after all, I installed it again. But now the tonearm seems to be quite losen. When I put the MMC20 pick up on it, it can't hold itself in the balance. Did I broke something duringtake off the section?


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