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I have made a decision

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Weebyx posted on Fri, Feb 17 2017 9:03 AM

Hi All

My deal on buying a BS/BM5 combo, didn't go so well, the seller was not to be trusted, and after we had agreed on the price, he sold it to someone else.

Oh well.

I have now decided that its time for a Moment, my dealer will borrow me one, and a connection hub, and I will then try to connect everything with my Samsung TV.

The TV will be connected to the Hub via optical, and my 2 penta's to the Hub, I know the display will stop working, but that is ok.

The Moment will be connected to the Hub via powerlink in from Moment.

I have read that the first versions of the Hub does not support this configuration, since the Hub will go in line-mode when using the Powerlink in, but my dealer tells me the new Hub's support this with all beolab's and not just the S8.

A few questions though.

How will the volume work when playning music on the Moment ? Will the Moment control it ?

When using the TV, the Hub will just use the Samsung IR codes for volume up.

Are there anything I have missed ?


And then another question.

Today I use a BC2/Beolab 2000 ML combo in the living room, and use the BL2000 for timer wakeup, I could just move the BC2 to the bedroom without beolab's and just connect the BL2000 to ML, and still use that timer, but what Play products can I use timer on, in the bedroom, if I sell the BC2 and BL2000?



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