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Beolab 3000 Speakers and 5500 Amp

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dobber posted on Sat, Feb 11 2017 4:01 PM

Hello all,

I have acquired a pair of Beolab 3000 speakers and am wondering how they will work with my 5500 system.

They are the active type and have several connectors on the back. I think it may be 8 pin DIN? Not sure.

I guess I could use speaker cable (4 pin) but would the display work?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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Suggested by joeyboygolf

You can  either use Mk2 powerlink cables or speakerlink cables. The displays will work in both instances.

I suggest that you contact for advice. His advert with access to his website is at the bottom of every page on BeoWorld.

Regards Graham

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Hi Andy

The Beomaster 5500 has no Powerlink connectors. BM6500 is the first in this family with Powerlink.

So you have to use the speaker link connection. Yes, with speakerlink the display will work (Two pins for sound, two pins for data (shielded).  For cables have a look  at soundsheavenly.

By the way, nice combination! 

Good Luck and best regards


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