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Beoconnect and Windows 10

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Snowteck posted on Thu, Jan 28 2016 10:29 AM

Is the BeoConnect software for the Beosound 5 compatible with Windows 10?

I have just downloaded BeoConnect from the link in the online Beosound 5 guide and I get no response when clicking on the BeoConnect desktop icon


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So, anybody know whether there are any news with respect t B&O enabling Beoconnect to run on Windows10? I had to manually create beomaster folders as mentioned above - the dragging and dropping of music nto the folders, not to mention the fact that making play lists on the PC has been rendered impossible, has taken a lot of the joy away from owning this system. Again, shame on B&O for discontinuing a completely essential software update a few months after discontinuing the product. Imagine Tesla doing the same? I though not....

Well, enough steam our the ears. Was thinking about trying to download Beoconnect again, just to see wether by any chnce is just might wrk now. But would I risk screwing up the folders that I have manually installed? Thanks!

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I have been connecting to my BM5 without using BeoConnect for a while now and I think it's an acceptable way to manage my music library, but I would love to know how to manage playlists without the application! 

I know that the BeoMaster 5 no longer are supported by B&O, but it would be nice if Bang & Olufsen at least would provide updates to the client software or at least published the API so there is a theoretical chance for the forum to update or write their own software. 

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